Mountain Workshops 2016 - Paducah Kentucky

This year's Mountain Workshops have come and gone, and I couldn't be more proud of what my two students were able to achieve in a week's time. 

This year, my timelapse class consisted of Mindy Miller, staff photographer for the University of Florida, and Lex Selig, Western Kentucky University Photojournalism student. Neither of them had shot a timelapse prior to coming to Mountain Workshops in Paducah. 

I love being a part of Mountain every year, it's one of my favorite places to teach for so many reasons. The faculty and staff are all incredible folks, and it's an honor and a pleasure to gather with them in a different town in Kentucky each year to record the stories of the town and it's people. At Mountain, the atmosphere is always electric, and the enthusiasm and dedication to top-notch storytelling are always infectious. 

Check out Mindy and Lex's timelapse project here:

Huge thanks to the major sponsors of the Workshops, Nikon and Canon: Mary, Jeff, Andy, and Kris are the best in the business, all of you always go way above and beyond to get everyone at Mountain incredible gear to use in our storytelling projects. 

Here's an awesome video recap of our week in Paducah, shot by Lonely Planet CEO Daniel Houghton, freelancer Adam Wolffbrandt, and workshops coordinator Tim Broekema. 

Lastly - to Mindy and Lex - (Lex! Go to sleep!) congratulations, you guys #crushedit.