"Further," a Snowboarding film from Jeremy Jones and Teton Gravity research


In 2011 and 2012, I filmed for Teton Gravity research's snowboarding film "Further." Further was the second feature-length film in a three-part series of backcountry snowboarding movies produced and directed by Jeremy Jones.  My contribution to the film was timelapse and scenic video footage depicting the natural beauty of the great state of California. Jeremy's idea was to feature the Sierra Nevada in a main segment in the film, and show how the most populated state in the US has a staggering amount of wild backcountry regions that are seldom travelled by most of the people that live here.

[embed width="630" height=""]https://vimeo.com/46697798[/embed]

Over the course of eight months, I journeyed far and wide across the state, timelapsing old growth redwood forests, cargo ships sailing in San Francisco Bay, sailing stsones in Death Valley, and various portions of the Eastern Sierra.

Meteor and Milky Way in the Alabama Hills

Sadly, the winter of 2011-2012 was one of the leanest snow years in recent memory. This made it quite difficult for Jeremy and his crew to ride most of the lines they had selected for the film. As a result, the Sierra segment didn't make the final cut of the film.

Mono Lake Tufa under moonlight

The third film in the series,"Higher" is planned for the next two winters. TGR is still holding onto everything I shot for them, so Hopefully some of what I shot will make it into the last installment in the series. We just need another few good winters like 2010.