Sony RX100 - Game Changing Pocket camera


On the advice of my studio partner Court Leve, I recently aquiredthe Sony RX100 pocket camera. This modern marvel of a camera boasts a 1" CMOS sensor and an f/1.8 Carl Zeiss lens.  From moment one, I have fallen in love with the imaging capabilities of this camera. With an ISO range os 125 to 6400 and such a fast lens, the RX100 is capable of capturing star and milky way shots that are almost on par with what I get from my Canon 5D cameras.


Seabirds off the coast of the coat south of Fáskrúðsfjörður, Iceland.

While you won't get as clean a print out of the RX100, it would work in a pinch for a web-res use of a nighttime photograph.



Aside from the oh-so-clean 1" CMOS sensor, the RC100 boasts the manual control ring that I fell in love with back when I bought my wife the Canon s90. You can control what the ring controls, thus using it to adjust aperture, shutter spped, ISO, or even manual focus.



I was late to jump on the smart phone bandwagon, so the panorama stiching mode of the RX100 is shiny and awesome to me. It works well, but is limited to producing JPEG files and sometimes trips over proper horizon alignment.


I strongly beeive that every serious photographer should always carry a camera with him or her, and the RX100 is the perfect combination of size and features. It truly does change the game in terms of being able to carry a discreet, powerful camera that can keep up with the big boys' SLRs. I'll update this review with more photos and information as I continue to explore what this little gem of a camera can do.

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