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Burning Man 2016 - The Space Whale

Black Rock City, from Old Razorback, Friday Night

Black Rock City, from Old Razorback, Friday Night

It was one week ago tonight I witnessed this incredible sunset over Black Rock City / Burning Man, as the clouds burst into color in between gusts of wind that lifted enormous plumes of dust off the playa and blew them over to smash into me on Old Razorback mountain.

The Black Rock has a way of making sure you know that it is always in charge. I couldn't help but laugh as the dust followed me up the mountain despite my efforts to get away, as if the playa hadn't covered me and everything I brought in enough dust over the preceding two weeks spent on the playa with The Space Whale crew assembling a big whale for everyone to enjoy. Luckily the dust abated and I was able to shoot some panoramas, timelapses, and this amazing sunset before falling asleep, exhausted, on this rocky mountaintop.
After dark fell, lasers from Mayan Warrior (thanks for supporting the Whale!) were painting the sagebrush at my feet, and in the morning, I could actually make out the tracks that Lee Burridge was playing on Robot Heart at sunrise in the still air, ten miles away. The sea of tiny people dancing in the morning light was one of the most beautiful things I've seen in all my years in the desert.

Huge thanks to Kelsey, Lost Machine Andy, Matt, Claire, Lindsays, Lenora, and the rest of the Whale crew for bringing me out of BM retirement and allowing me to help out with your amazing project. Your collective dedication was a much needed reminder that not everyone gets paid at Burning Man, not everyone is rich and living in comfort and luxury, and that dedicated, motivated people are still willing to come together and suffer greatly to make art for no reward whatsoever other than the experience itself. I can't wait to share all the images Michael Okimoto and I made for you all working your hearts out. I'm never going to your stupid dirt rave again.