MAkerspace enriches truckee community - Tahoe Quarterly

The sounds of things being made float through the dusty air inside sprawling warehouse E3 on the tarmac at Truckee Tahoe Airport. This once empty 3,500-square-foot space now reverberates with the tones of sawblades slicing through boards and sparks flying from metal, interspersed with the gentle hums and whirs of machinery and people at work bringing their ideas to life.


Frozen in time - Tahoe QUARTERLY

With drones buzzing around the backcountry and GoPros on every other helmet in the KT line at Squaw Valley, the amount of video being captured on the slopes is continually increasing. So why bother to craft a still image?


Fundamentals of a good travel production for first time videographers - Borrow Lenses

What to bring on a low-budget, small-footprint documentary shoot without sacrificing lighting, audio, or stabilization.


An Introduction to Frame Rates, Video Resolutions, and the Rolling Shutter Effect - Borrow lenses

Gain some historical context for frame rates, learn how to quickly combat rolling shutter effects, and prime yourself on the basics of resolutions. As a photographer who has transitioned to including video work for clients, I understand how daunting all this can seem. Let this introduction be your guide for confidently exploring your settings for more natural looking footage – even for a beginner!