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Intro to DSLR @ Atelier

This workshop covers the basics of modern digital SLR (interchangeable lens camera) photography with local Truckee photographer, Grant Kaye. Have you been shooting with a point-and-shoot camera but you want to unlock the full creative potential of your photographic imagination? Then this class is for you! Grant will teach you how to understand and select proper camera settings to create the photos you imagine, including a review of the fundamentals of solid composition, technique, and strategies to go from snapshots to photographic art. Participants will first meet at Atelier for an informal classroom session, and then we will go for a photowalk in beautiful Downtown Truckee. Grant will then demo the photo editing power of Adobe Lightroom software. This workshop is for the beginning or intermediate photographer who wants to harness the incredible power of their modern digital camera and lay the foundation to take their photographic art to the next level.



  • Digital camera

  • Empty memory card

  • Fully charged battery


  • Tripod

  • Remote cable release

This class has a minimum sign-up of five (5) participants to run. In the event the class is cancelled, all participants will be notified 24 hours in advance. Please read our cancellation policy.

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