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Strategies for Successful Night Photography - Action Camera Reno

  • Action Camera Reno, NV (map)

Join internationally published Truckee-based photographer and educator Grant Kaye for this exciting class on strategies for better Landscape Astrophotography. The class will present tips and tricks that will unlock the secrets of taking your night photos to the next level. We will go over research methods, planning techniques, camera settings, and post-processing workflow best practices - all with the goal of improving the quality of the your "landscape astro" photos - or pictures of the landscape at night under the stars.

  • Prerequisites: 
    • Comfortable shooting with a Digital SLR in Manual mode, with a lens with Manual focus
    • Comfortable shooting in RAW
    • Comfortable using the "Develop" module of Adobe Lightroom software
    • Some experience shooting landscapes at night is helpful, but not required.
    • A smartphone with the app "The Photographers Ephemeris" installed

Class cost: $65

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