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Intro to Lightroom CC (Aka Lightroom CC Mobile, NOT Desktop Classic) for Smartphone / Tablet - Action Camera Reno

Screenshot 2019-06-20 09.19.29.png

Join me at Action Camera in Reno for an introduction to the new Lightroom CC app, for tablet, smartphone, and computer.

I will unravel the confusing Lightroom ecosystem and introduce you to the power of this mobile, cloud-based solution for photo editing, capture, and storage.

We will introduce:

  • Shooting photos with the Camera in Lightroom

  • Making Albums

  • Editing photos

  • Selective edits (available only to paid CC subscribers)

  • Exporting photos to share

  • Syncing collections from Lightroom Desktop Classic so you can edit them on your phone

Students must come to class with the Lightroom CC (Mobile, not desktop.classic) app already installed on a table, laptop, or phone. Please also have some photos already loaded into the software.


Fee: $69 (minimum 6, maximum 10)