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Planning for Landscape Photography with Photo Pills Smartphone App (Sierra College)


Planning for Landscape Photography with "Photo Pills" Smartphone App

Description: This course covers the use of smartphone planning app Photo Pills. Learn how to anticipate sunrises, sunsets, and twilight times, and plan for successful landscape photo shoots of subjects like the full/crescent moon rising, or the center of the Milky Way galaxy in dark night skies.

Requirements: Students must have the paid app Photo Pills installed on a smartphone or tablet prior to class.

  • Apple:

  • Android:

Schedule: This class will meet for two nights with a homework assignment between nights, and will take place entirely in the computer lab at Sierra College (no outside component).

Dates: Mon/Wed March 11/13th, 6:30-8:30 PM

Fees: $79

Signups are at the Sierra College Community Education Site.